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Qualifying A Premises With Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control | Griffin

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Qualification of Premises

Once you’ve decided to open up shop, you’ve gotta deal with finding the appropriate space (or some cases, making sure you are structuring a transfer of business appropriately).  Generally, for qualifying a premises, you’ll be looking at the following category of qualification issues:

  • True premises qualification Issues
  • Zoning and Use Permit issues
  • Other local approval issues
  • Posting requirements

Premises Qualification

In order to qualify a premises for permit, You will need to show that the premises is not currently licenses, or not licensed with another type of licenses, then your intended needs.  Some of this will depend on whether you are looking to move a business, or obtain an “original issue” license from ABC.  Where a person-to-person transfer of license is involved (such as the sale of a business), you will need to show the premises is already qualified and that there will be no change in operations.

Zoning and Use Permits

Zoning issues can cause a significant delay if not handled appropriately, and should be taken care of (as much as possible) at the same time as your ABC application.  Is your proposed premises in the right zone for your intended purpose? Is a conditional use permit needed?

Other Local Approval

It may also be necessary for you to show that your premises would serve public convenience or necessity, by submitting documentation of local approval of the premises.  Such approval would show that there is no undue concentration of licenses.

Posting Requirements

Upon application acceptance by ABC, you’ll be provided with a poster which must remain on the premises for a 30 day, consecutive, period.  This posting will explain the rights of surrounding neighborhoods and concerned citizens to voice their concerns in protest of your soon-to-be establishment, before a final decision is made by ABC.  You must be careful with this requirement as some landlords may not allow for the posting of such signage.

For assistance with qualifying your premises for an ABC license, contact us to schedule your free planning session today.

For information on ABC qualification of persons, click here.

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