Child Support In An Uncontested Divorce

The relationship between parents or lack thereof should not impact the well-being of your children, but in many cases it can.  A skilled and experienced California uncontested divorce attorney is needed to hold the other parent responsible for their share of the responsibility for both of your child. The laws are centered on doing what is in best interest of the child when a legal dispute involving child support arises.

A judge must decide on how much child support is to be paid by one parent to the other. Generally, parents cannot settle their child support disputes on their own, as any child custody or child support matters must be approved by court. Child support can be ordered by the court for one kid or multiple kids. These child support payments are made till the child reaches a certain age depending on certain conditions. These payments can be extended beyond such period based on the agreement between parents.

Calculating Child Support in California

Specific calculations for determining child support have been established by the State of California. This calculation is based on several factors like number of children, parenting time allocated by each parent, tax filing status of each parent, net disposable income, etc. California’s Agnos Minimum Child Support Standards Act requires non-custodial parents to furnish minimum amounts towards providing for the educational and medical needs of children.

There might be times when modifications might need to be made to the existing child support agreement post-divorce based on change in circumstances. Also, in the event the existing child support amount does not meet the existing guidelines, the affected parent can request modification as well. You need the right representation by your side to ensure that the change modification is justified and is taken care of in the right manner.

Failure to pay child support can lead to an adverse action against the responsible party. Once the judge has ordered for child support and this order has been violated, the responsible party can be held liable for contempt of court. The distressed party might need to get an enforcement to have the other party pay for the missing child support payments.


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