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Matthew Murillo

Matthew Murillo

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Mina Vu

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You Are The Priority

What are some of the benefits of working with us? According to our current and past clients...

  1. Professional, clear, and easy to work with;
  2. Feel like you matter;
  3. Friendly, personable and knowledgeable;
  4. Integrity and kindness;
  5. Stress-free representation*

We understand that we cannot remove the stress of your situation, but we can help shoulder that burden. 

We know that we may not be a good fit for everyone who comes to speak with us.  But if this sounds like the type of law firm you want to work with, let's take the next step.

Why Choose Us

Honest, Experienced & Professional

With Griffin, you know exactly what you can expect throughout your case.  We have the knowledge to help you, the experience to get the job done right the first time, and professionalism to always provide straight-forward guidance without the fluff.  You don’t hire an attorney to hold your hand through the process, you hire one to get results.

Modern Legal Care

The world is constantly changing, and the legal profession with it.  We use a variety of systems and technology to help us deliver our services virtually, so that we aren’t limited by location or convenience.  Griffin is your virtual law firm.

Our Philosophy


The Law Comes First

There are two types of laws that apply to many situations – the Law as written, and the Law as interpreted by cases.  We believe in using both to formulate a comprehensive, custom-tailored strategy.


Honest Communication

Honest and straight-forward communication is our most important tool.  We don’t believe in fluff and don’t want to waste your time.  With us, you can expect transparent representation.


Committed to Excellence

We promise to do the best for you at every stage of your matter.  Our primary goal is always getting the best result possible for you, for creating a customized approach, specific to your goals and needs.

Let's Work Together